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Wedding Floristics

Wedding floristics has a special place in the creativity of our masters. It takes up to 2 hours to arrange a bouquet for a bride. While creating a bouquet we take into consideration peculiarities of a bride’s wedding dress, her appearance and even character. Such bouquets are to be ordered in advance (no less than 10 days before a wedding day).

There are more than 200 samples of modern bouquets for a bride presented in our salon (e.g. “balls”, “umbrellas”, and “fans”).

Every bride with natural flowers plaited into hair becomes especially attractive and tender.

We will help you emphasize your beauty and uniqueness in the special day of your wedding!

Exclusive bouquet for the bride, boutonniere for the bridegroom

Natural flower decoration of banquet room

Decoration of wedding goblets

Natural flower design of wedding procession

Decoration of wedding ceremony

Greeting bouquets for parents and guests

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