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About us

Flower company "Igor" was created on May 4th, 1994. This is the first private flower company in Ternopil. Our company specializes in cultivation and sale of high-quality flowers, especially tulips, hyacinths, gladioli and irises.

At first we displayed our goods in a small florist’s shop “Chervona Ruta” located at the address: Ternopil, Ruska str., 27. Citizens of Ternopil pleased a great selection and high quality of our goods and our excellent service. Bouquets and flower compositions by our experts have never left anyone indifferent. In 1994 we introduced a new service – delivery of flowers. Also there started a selection work and creation of new iris species. As a result every year we produce a couple of new species of given flowers.

Year 1997.

In the very centre of Ternopil on Shevchenko boulevard, 37 a new flower salon “Igor” has opened. Again new services have been introduced, i.e. complete range of florist wedding services: wedding bouquets for a bride and boutonniere for a bridegroom, decoration of wedding car and banquet room. This year we have started to deliver flowers all over Ukraine.

Year 1999. At the beginning of June we have organized the first iris show „Iryda-99”, which has become traditional. Also this year we have laid a nursery for ornamental deciduous, ornamental flowering and coniferous plants with the purpose of their further use in landscape design.

Year 2000. Our salon is the full member of international flower association "Premiumflora". Since then we deliver flowers into 140 countries all over the world. We have significantly increased our collections of flowers, e.g. there are 300 iris species, 200 dahlia species and more than 150 gladioli species.

Since 2002 we have started a collection of cannas and rhododendrons, since 2003 – of narcissi, clematises and lilacs, since 2004 – of creeping rose and African violet, since 2005 – of magnolia, hydrangea and camellia.

Over the time of all these years we have been selling high-quality flowers and plants, flower compositions are arranged by talented florists Nadia Smoliy, Maya Vlasyuk, Nadia Semchyshyn. We cooperate with my teacher in floristics and expert of Swiss school „Interflora” Halyna Stepanivna Korniyenko, selectionists  Ivars Baronin’sh (Riga, Latvia), Zdenek Sadel (Gluchyn, Czech republic), Ezhi Vuzniak (Rybnik, Poland), Yuriy Panchul (California, USA), Vasyl Hryhorovych Korchemnyy – the founder of Khorostkiv arboretum, the experts of National Gryshko botanical garden (Kyiv), State Nikita Botanical Gardens (Yalta), Botanical garden of National Franko University (Lviv), “Ukrainian Flowers” magazine (Kyiv), "Tsvetovodstvo" (Moscow).

We look ahead with confidence so that we will be making a contribution to the Ukrainian flower industry.

Igor Khorosh
The founder of “Igor” company, Ternopil